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About Us

Operating inclusive special education schools for children Kindergarten-Age 21 as well as programs for adults, SINAI is widely regarded as one of the country’s leading Jewish schools for children with learning or developmental disabilities whose needs cannot be met in a regular education setting. Our schools serve children with a wide range of disabilities, providing individualized programming, highly specialized services, in-house therapies, and a 1:1.2 professional-to-student ratio. Each of SINAI’s schools is integrated within a regular education partner Jewish Elementary or High School, creating an inclusion experience that is personalized for every single child. Our adult programming emphasizes integration and inclusion within the broader community, through vocational development and social opportunities.

Our Mission

SINAI operates schools and adult programs for individuals with a wide range of learning and developmental disabilities as well as other special needs. We focus on maximizing each student’s academic, emotional, and social potential, while developing a strong knowledge and love of his or her traditional Jewish heritage. We teach our students skills that promote success in mainstream academic, social and vocational settings, and empower them to become productive and confident members of the community.

When I first heard that SINAI would be coming to our school, I recognized that it would be a wonderful way for students, faculty, and the RYNJ community to learn how to include people with special needs in every aspect of our lives. However, for me as an educator there has been an unforeseen bonus: I get to be inspired as I witness, daily, a group of professionals totally committed to their craft and doing their very best to help their charges. I don’t get to see this in the SINAI classrooms as I am not there, but it is beyond the classroom where I am so impressed, whether helping the students socialize during lunchtime, or teaching them to play ball at recess, or showing them how to properly walk down the stairs. Wow!

Cindy Zucker
Middle School Girls Principal, RYNJ