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Our Mission

SINAI operates schools and adult programs for individuals with a wide range of learning and developmental disabilities as well as other special needs. We focus on maximizing each student’s academic, emotional, and social potential, while developing a strong knowledge and love of his or her traditional Jewish heritage. We teach our students skills that promote success in mainstream academic, social and vocational settings, and empower them to become productive and confident members of the community.

Our Mission

We Believe:

  • That every individual, regardless of ability, is a valuable member of his/her community, and should be included as such.
  • That every individual, regardless of ability, can become a productive member of his/her community.
  • That an inclusive educational environment within a partner school plays a key role in motivating our students and meeting their educational and social goals.
  • That an individualized approach to teaching produces the best results.
  • That education and therapy will enhance the quality of our students’ lives.
  • That specific aspects of belonging to the observant Jewish community should be incorporated into the curriculum.
  • That the quality of our programs and services is directly dependent on the skill, dedication, and character of our staff.
  • That partnership with parents is critical to a child’s successful educational experience.
  • That we have a responsibility to serve as a resource to the general public by offering guidance and information.

We hope you take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that your support of our annual campaign makes a huge difference in the lives of our families and their children.

Clarice Itshakov
Senior Development Associate