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Adult Services / SHELI

SINAI Schools’ Nathan Miller SHELI Residence for Men is a Supervised Home Environment for Learning Independence. Literally meaning “my own” in Hebrew, SHELI offers its participants more than a group residence. Located in Teaneck, NJ, our unique kosher, Shomer Shabbat residential program eases the transition of adults with developmental disabilities into group living, and is designed to create feelings of personal autonomy and pride.

Participants learn vital skills of daily living, public transportation, and professionalism. Under the guidance of professional special educators, they shop for groceries, prepare daily meals, independently access vocational sites, and budget weekly spending. During the day, participants independently access a variety of vocational opportunities in Bergen County. Evenings are utilized to promote social, recreational, and pragmatic skills of independent living. Leisure activities include professional ball games, bowling, and trips. Participants also become active, contributing members of the broader Teaneck Jewish community. They perform chesed, learn with Torah partners, and share Shabbat afternoons with friends and community members. We call this Inclusion by Design,® carefully crafted inclusion into the community that benefits not only our participants, but the entire broader community.

Our trained, professional staff supervises participants to ensure their safety and guide the learning process. Facilitating enriching daily activities, setting goals for ongoing growth, and developing meaningful relationships, SHELI staff members address the needs of each individual while promoting group cohesiveness.

SHELI’s beautiful Nathan Miller home is strategically located in the center of the Teaneck, NJ Jewish community. This five-story split-level home is completely furnished and equipped with laundry facilities and two full kitchens.

For more information, contact Chavie Hagler, Director of Adult Services, at 201.357.4703 or