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You Can Make a Difference

Many children come to SINAI after years of struggling, often angry and confused and with low self-esteem. Their parents arrive with haunting questions: Will my child learn to read… know how to daven… go to college… get a job…  be blessed to get married… succeed at living independently? 

Every child with special needs has a different trajectory, making it impossible to allay all fears. SINAI can, however, confidently tell parents that it is uniquely equipped to help their children reach their full potential.  

For some students that means attending college, maybe even graduate school, and achieving professional success. For others, it means vocational training that leads to steady employment and independent living. For all students, it means gaining a positive self-image, an understanding that their disabilities do not define them, and a belief that they are valued members of our Jewish community.

Key to our success over these many years is the embrace and support of the communities within which we work. The cost of providing special education, and especially Jewish special education, is prohibitive, and without broad community support would be out of reach for many, if not most, of the families we serve. We invite you to peruse these Giving Pages to learn more about the multitude of ways in which you can make a real difference in the lives of our children and their families. We look forward to working with you in crafting the giving opportunity that will be maximally meaningful to you and your entire family.