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Jewish Therapeutic Day School Needs Assessment

SINAI Schools is exploring the possibility of opening a therapeutic school to serve children with mental health challenges. While the broader Jewish community has made significant strides in the area of mental health awareness, there remains a significant need for a Jewish therapeutic school — an environment where children whose primary challenges are psychiatric in nature can receive a top-notch Judaic and general studies education that is complemented by a comprehensive and collaborative therapeutic model. This school would target the emotional, behavioral and psychiatric needs of its students via a research-based model, providing an array of clinical services, all interwoven into the fabric of the school day. 

SINAI Schools is looking to canvas the community to get a set of rich data that will inform potential next steps. Specifically, we are seeking feedback from: (1) Parents of children with significant behavioral and/or emotional needs, (2) School professionals, (3) Private practice-based mental health professionals, and (4) Community rabbis. We are confident that getting the perspectives of a broad array of people will bring strength to this process and clarity going forward.

Thank you in advance for sharing your perspective with us, and for sharing it with others!

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Please indicate what best describes your role:

1. Parent of a child with a significant behavioral and/or emotional needs

2. School Professional

3. Mental Health Professional in private practice or other non school-based setting

4. Community Rabbi