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SINAI Webinars

SINAI Webinars provide support and resources — not only for SINAI families, but for parents of children with special needs and educators throughout the community and across the globe.

This is in keeping with SINAI’s belief, as set out in our mission statement, that SINAI has a responsibility to serve as a resource to the general public by offering guidance and information on topics related to raising a child with special needs.

Inclusion in Synagogue and Youth Groups
SINAI_Webinar-Inclusion_JJA version@600dpi
Understanding Neuropsych Evaluations
SINAI_Webinar-Neuropsych_JJA version
Talking to Your Child About Their Disability
Talking to Your Child-Webinar4_JJA version.rev
Social Media and Gaming Addiction in the Neurodiverse Population
We Have a Diagnosis. Now What?
Diagnosis Webinar2_JJA version
Is College Right for My Child?
College Readiness-Webinar1_JJA version
Creating Sensory Spaces For Your Child With Special Needs
SINAI-HS_Sensory spaces_resized for web video thumbnail
Parents of Children with Special Needs: Managing Stress in Stressful Times

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