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Accreditation/ Academic Excellence

“Where good is never enough…Where success means always trying to find a better way…”

–Conclusion Report: Middle States Accreditation of SINAI Schools

Being accredited means that SINAI has met rigorous standards for its educational programs, as reviewed and evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. SINAI Schools is the only Jewish day school for children with special needs to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  

accreditationBeyond the Middle States accreditation process that we undergo every seven years, every year we independently undertake a rigorous self-evaluation focused on student academic achievement. We set targeted school-wide academic goals in a variety of subject areas, including math, reading, social skills development, and technology integration, using norm-based assessments to gauge our progress. Every year since our accreditation we have exceeded our targeted goals. By holding ourselves accountable to this ongoing self-evaluation, we ensure that we constantly improve our academic program.

A special needs education doesn’t necessarily have to be an easy or slow-paced education. I can’t believe the leaps and strides my 2nd grader is making at SINAI Schools. Unbelievable. The teachers are unflappable and relentless in the most loving way. My daughter is learning new concepts all the time that stun my husband and me. We’re so proud of her growth. She’s absolutely flourishing at SINAI.

SINAI Parent