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The Parent Partnership

Partnership with our parents is critical to a child’s successful educational experience. This is one of the core beliefs in our mission statement, and we put it into practice in many different ways at SINAI. 

From the beginning and throughout the year, we collaborate with our parents to create and adjust each child’s individualized plan. Together, we determine the best opportunities we can provide for their child–academic, social, emotional, and inclusive. Parents meet with us regularly during the school year to discuss their child’s progress and reshape his or her individualized plan as needed.

Communication with our parents is an active dialogue. We provide progress updates on a regular basis, give parents frequent feedback and suggestions and respond promptly to information or concerns. We want to hear how the lessons and skills our students are learning in school carry over to home, and we offer suggestions and support to foster our students’ increased independence and abilities at home and within the family life.  

Throughout the year, we provide parent workshops and support opportunities, and families may receive counseling services through one on one work with our therapists if needed.

You don’t realize you’re getting more than just academics and therapies when you put your child in SINAI. Once you see the difference, you feel a gigantic weight lifted from your shoulders. You understand that you are not doing this alone. Other people are invested in bringing your child to his or her potential as a well-rounded human being.

SINAI Parent