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Frisch Art is Dressed Up for Adar

Frisch Art is Dressed Up for Adar

By: JLNJ Staff
for The Jewish Link

In another edition of Frisch’s ongoing joint program with The SINAI School, students at SINAI joined the sophomore art class at Frisch for Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet. Students looked at Picasso and discussed how he created cubist portraits with more than one perspective. Following the discussion, Frisch students worked with SINAI students to create their own cubist-shaped masks.

Freshmen in the arts track were tasked with creating self-portraits expressing two sides of themselves: the hidden and the revealed. They were given oil sticks and used only their fingers to create the portraits. How fitting a project for Adar and how wonderful that they could create the portraits outside to enjoy last week’s gorgeous weather.

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