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It’s So Much More Than Just Basketball

It’s So Much More Than Just Basketball

By: Esther Klavan
Director, SINAI Shalem High School@TABC

Tuvia, a shy and unassuming teenager at our SINAI Shalem High School at TABC, continues to exceed our expectations. Tuvia arrived in high school three years ago having made amazing strides in SINAI’s elementary and middle schools at JKHA, but he still had significant anxiety and was extremely resistant to breaking out of his routine.  With years of support, encouragement, and careful introduction to new experiences, Tuvia has broken out of his shell.

We did not teach him how to play basketball, nor did we perfect his three-point shot. Those are G-d given talents. But we did give him the opportunity to use these talents. Our dream was to get him to be a player on TABC’s intramurals basketball team. TABC was ready. We were ready. Tuvia was not ready.

He was slowly encouraged to go watch a game. That progressed into watching a game while wearing a jersey. Eventually, he stepped onto the court. Once he did, there was no turning back. Cheers could be heard from the stands. “Pass it to Tuvia!” the boys would shout, knowing that he would surely sink the basket. And he did…just about every time. In this year’s 3-point shootout during ColorWar, TABC had to select three juniors to compete. Tuvia sunk the majority of shots for his team of three. The high-fives and cheers he received continue to permeate the halls, well beyond the basketball court. 

To learn more about Tuvia’s amazing story, watch Heroes, a film we made several years ago, about how Tuvia astonished everyone at his Bar Mitzvah, click here.