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Clubs, Extracurricular Activities & Inclusion

At Maor High School, our students are full members of the RKYHS partner school community. 

Using our trademark Inclusion by Design® approach, every opportunity for inclusion is carefully considered and individualized in order to develop and maximize each student’s strengths. 

Beyond academic integration, Maor’s partnership with RKYHS provides our students with a rich array of non-academic opportunities for inclusion. These include meals, tefillah (prayers), physical education, sports teams, trips and assemblies, Shabbatonim, clubs, and extracurricular opportunities at RKYHS.  

Clubs take place weekly during school hours and include artistic, educational, social awareness, and sports/recreation options. Extracurricular activities take place after school hours and also present a wide variety of opportunities for our students to engage socially with their friends outside the classroom, including sports teams, drama, and other activities.  Maor students’ participation in these activities has often extended to leadership positions, such as becoming captains of sports teams and club leaders.   

Maor students graduate with their RKYHS peers at the Kushner graduation ceremony, which is emblematic of the inclusion of our students as part of the overall RKYHS community.

I don’t know where M would be today without all of your guidance and support. Because of you he knows that he has to try even when something is hard for him, that he has to ask for help, and that it’s OK to fail. Your hard work has enabled him to grow into a self-confident young man. Thank you.

Maor Parent