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Curriculum and Academic Mainstreaming

Maor provides a rigorous academic curriculum in both secular and Judaic studies courses.  Classes are divided subject by subject, averaging between 3-6 students to a class.  We provide highly individualized instruction and extensive academic supports, matching teaching styles and techniques to each student’s particular strengths and challenges. 

The core curriculum at Maor High School includes English Language Arts, Math, Science, History, and Physical Education. In Judaic studies, areas of concentration include Jewish History, Halacha, Tefillah, Chumash, Navi, Mishna, and Gemara.     

Skill-based learning is woven into all content areas, with emphasis on executive functioning and independent learning skills. Particular emphasis is placed on developing and improving our students’ organizational, time, and stress-management skills.  We help our students to recognize their strengths and identify their own areas of challenge, teaching them strategies to succeed and how to advocate for themselves.

We craft an individualized Comprehensive Student Plan specifically for each student, to meet his or her particular needs, and to evaluate and track student progress throughout the year.

In addition to their individualized Maor special education classes, many Maor students benefit from taking academic courses in Maor’s partner school, RKYHS. Each placement into a RKYHS class is made on an individual basis, as appropriate for that particular student, after careful planning and with supports in place.

I don’t know where M would be today without all of your guidance and support. Because of you he knows that he has to try even when something is hard for him, that he has to ask for help, and that it’s OK to fail. Your hard work has enabled him to grow into a self-confident young man. Thank you.

Maor Parent