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Students Celebrate Siddur Presentation

SINAI at SAR Students Celebrate Siddur Presentation

By: SINAI Schools Staff

SINAI at SAR students proudly celebrated a Siddur Presentation ceremony. Whether students were receiving a siddur for the first time or not, all of them joined in the celebration.

Some students gave short speeches which included an idea from the tefillah unit that we have been studying with Morah Zahava Wapner. We explained the many stages that went into creating our siddur cover. We also reviewed concepts that formed the basis of the three tefillot a day which were created by the Avot, and are parallel to the korbanot given in the Beit Hamikdash. 

Mr. Glazer, SAR Music Teacher, joined our class and accompanied our students in singing the many songs we’ve been preparing, which included reciting the names of the parshiot of the entire Torah! Rabbi Binyamin Krauss, Prinicipal of SAR Academy, spoke about how special a first siddur is, especially when it is with a group of “firsts,” including our very own SINAI at SAR. The ceremony ended with cookies, singing and dancing. Kol hakavod SINAI at SAR!