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SINAI Girls Participate in MakerXPO 2017

SINAI Girls Participate in MakerXPO 2017

By: Rochel Field
SINAI Teacher

The 2016-17 SINAI School year has come to an end. During this past year we have witnessed many great achievements by our students and recognized the undeniable dedication of our teachers. We are also extremely grateful to our partner schools who have gone above and beyond to include our students in every aspect of their communities. 

One particular event stands out…

Our SINAI students’ participation in the I.D.E.A. Schools MakerXPO at
the New York Hilton in May.

Our SINAI girls worked side by side with Ma’ayanot students on a joint project for the MakerXPO, which included schools from around the region. What a wonderful illustration of Inclusion by Design® at work! The girls created and helped others create a “Bristle Bot” (a mini robot figure using the bristle end of a  toothbrush, motor and battery). After adding eyes and legs to their Bristle Bots, the students and XPO participants were able to race their Bots against each other and determine the best way to place the “feet” so that their Bot would move in the direction they wanted it to.

We asked our students what they enjoyed most about this project. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“It was amazing that we ran our own booth to explain to other people what we were doing and teach the kids how to make them (the Bristle Bots). I liked to see what other people made and it was also amazing to see some booths that could actually help people like the one that helped blind people with a special hat.” ~ Yaffa

“It felt good that I helped people making the project. It was very interesting to see the different  booths. I really liked the other Ma’ayanot booth about the gloves that lit up.” ~ Tova

“It was fun because it was fun to help people with the Bristle Bots. It was also interesting to watch all the other groups explaining their projects.” ~ Chany

“It was an experience to see how to help the kids do the Bristle Bots. Also, I saw the other booths and they were really interesting and all the other groups at the XPO were really good at how they explained to everyone how to do their projects.” ~ Shira