National Teacher Appreciation Week: SINAI students, in their own words

By: SINAI Students

Impactful Teachers at SINAI

SINAI teachers impacted the way I approached my school work. When I first started SINAI, I was loud and disruptive and now I am more focused on my work and less concerned about trying to make students laugh. The teachers at SINAI gave me personalized lessons that helped me stay engaged. By having more one-on-one classes, I didn’t get distracted and was able to learn. If I had a problem, I could talk about it with them. Spending time with the kids in SINAI is very relatable because we all have similar goals like trying to spend more time with the mainstream. The teachers gave us opportunities to socialize with the mainstream students, like going on trips and hanging out at lunch time. I am thankful for my teachers since they prepared me for mainstream high school.

8th grade
Irving Montak SINAI School at SAR

My Amazing Teachers

I have had many teachers over the years, but none stand out as much as the rebbe I have this year. This rebbe of mine always davens very slowly, which I’ve always found inspiring. I remember that day I was walking out of the beis medrash after Mincha when I saw him. He was still finishing up Shemoneh Esrei, while everyone else was already leaving. Wow, I thought. Look how much kavana he has. His example inspires me to try to have more kavana in the future.

Another teacher I would like to write about is my teacher from fourth and fifth grade. She was an amazing teacher who always knew how to give over her lessons in an interesting way. It was very easy to pay attention in her class. When, at the end of fifth grade, she told us she was leaving the school to become a nurse, we were all sad that she was leaving.

Those are just two of the teachers I’ve had, and every one of my teachers has made a significant impact on my life.

Shmuli Schneierson
7th grade
Cross River SINAI School at RYNJ

Why My Teachers Rock

At SINAI my teachers helped me become a better person and student. My teachers are full of interesting stories and helpful advice. When I learn something it sticks with me for the rest of the day. I have also learned so many new skills and information from my teachers. For example, my math teachers have taught me addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions. I even know about concepts in geometry, like the number Pi. I learned how to play a variety of sports from my gym teacher, like hockey, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer and baseball. I can bring what I learned in gym class to the field at lunchtime.

I am also so grateful for my therapists and principals. My therapists taught me how to keep my body in shape, by stretching. They also helped me learn to speak clearly. The administration taught me lessons I will remember for life. They taught me how to really listen to what people are saying, and how to make good choices no matter what.

What I have learned from my teachers, therapists and principals goes beyond the classroom. They have taught me how to go out of my comfort zone and because of them I am friends with some of the Kushner eighth graders. I was comfortable enough to play basketball on a team with the eighth grade girls on Chanukah. We played against the teachers and we won! I also have lunch buddies once a week with eighth grade girls. Having my teachers push me to have lunch buddies and play basketball was one of the best things they did for me since it gave me both new friends and more confidence. It is thanks to my teachers, therapists and administrators at SINAI that I have learned so much and become the person that I am today. I will forever be thankful to the staff at SINAI.

Lauren Karlin
8th grade

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