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SINAI Schools welcomes Tracy Weiss as the new director of development.  Tracy brings years of successful experience as a senior development professional to SINAI.  A result-oriented leader with strong analytical...


SINAI students and families celebrated their creative accomplishments at SINAI’s Unique Inspirations Student Art Shows on Sunday, May 19; Tuesday, May 21; and Wednesday, May 22. Sunday’s show at Congregation...

Rabbi Avraham Stav
Tradition Online

Rabbi Avraham Stav, a teacher at Kollel Shaarei Zion in Yad HaRav Nissim, Jerusalem, and a chayal in the IDF, described the impact a pizza delivery facilitated from the sale...

Elizabeth Kratz
The Jewish Link Pitch Meeting Podcast
Faygie Holt
The Jewish Link

Down the long hall, three teens sit in class with their Gemaras on their desks. At the front of the room, booting up his computer and syncing it with the...

Heidi Mae Bratt
The Jewish Standard
Joanne Palmer
Jewish Standard/New Jersey Jewish News

“It’s a difficult time to be Jewish in America right now,” Arielle Greenbaum Saposh, the Sinai Schools associate managing director and counsel, said. To be clear, we all know that...

Jewish Link Staff
Jewish Link of New Jersey

It is a distressing time for Jewish children across America right now, but all the more so for children who have complex learning disabilities or special needs.  We have all...

Joanne Palmer
The Jewish Standard/New Jersey Jewish News

    At its core, all education depends on relationships. Most children rely on their teachers to convey not only chunks of information but also the social context that gives...

Joanne Palmer
The Jewish Standard/New Jersey Jewish News

Frequent readers might notice that we write about the Sinai Schools often. In fact, we write about it — the Sinai Schools is plural but singular, and there’s probably a...

Jewish Link Staff

(Courtesy of SINAI) SINAI Schools is proud to welcome Aliza Strassman as the new director of SINAI at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy in Livingston, which serves children with a range of...


Sarah and Michael Keane hosted a parlor meeting and wine and cheese tasting at their home in Edison, New Jersey on July 9 to raise awareness of the life-changing special...