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A Tribute to Jacob Weinstein A”H

Mr. Jacob Weinstein’s deep love for each individual student and dedication to them all were unparalleled and his warm, encouraging smile unmatched. This tribute video debuted at our 2018 SINAI Dinner.

Beloved by all who met him, Jake Weinstein A”H devoted his life to helping children with special needs and disabilities develop a love for Torah and Yiddishkeit. He was Associate Director of SINAI Schools for over 15 years, and in that time he brought hundreds of children with special needs through their Bar and Bat Mitzvah milestones in a way that was meaningful to them and their families.

To honor Jake’s memory, the Weinstein family established the Jacob Weinstein Legacy Torah campaign. Jake connected the children of SINAI to their legacy through the Torah, and by dedicating a Torah in his memory, we have cemented Jake’s legacy within these children.

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