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Therapies and Counseling

Maor offers several different therapies integrated into the school day, based on each student’s individual needs.  These include: speech/language therapy; occupational and physical therapy; art therapy; and counseling and social skills groups.

Particularly for students who face challenges with social interactions, or who tend to get “stuck” in rigid thinking, our counseling and social skills supports are a key factor in improving social relationships and academic success. 

Our students’ mental health and emotional well being are of paramount importance to us.  Our full-time, licensed clinical social worker meets with our students individually and in small groups to address a variety of issues affecting them as learners and as teenagers.

I don’t know where M would be today without all of your guidance and support. Because of you he knows that he has to try even when something is hard for him, that he has to ask for help, and that it’s OK to fail. Your hard work has enabled him to grow into a self-confident young man. Thank you.

Maor Parent